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Episode 10 – HVAC Adaptability

Jennifer Bagley May 27, 2021
In episode 5 we talked about the importance of the powerplant, and the maintenance of that powerplant. There are many ways that a powerplant can maximize its performance. In a fixed pitch prop the pitch of that prop is tuned for power and speed. An innovation that was added to the prop was the ability to feather a prop or change the pitch, this gave the pilot the ability to tune the pitch of the prop for takeoff, cruise and landing reducing drag, increasing speed and performance and allowing the plane to climb faster when at different flight attitudes. Having a versatile technician is the same as being able to feather your prop. In this session we will interview people from each company and uncover their ability to fix it right the first time, convert service and maintenance calls into replacement opportunities, offer preventative solutions, solve problems with additional services or products, offer maintenance agreements and do it all in a timely manner.