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Episode 2 – What are your challenges

Jennifer Bagley May 27, 2021

Welcome back to the HVAC Accelerated Success Program. In aviation there are 4 main forces that interact on an aircraft, lift, gravity or weight, thrust, and drag. By controlling the relationship between these forces, you can guide the aircraft anywhere you want to go. When the relationship becomes uncontrolled a stall which can lead to a spin occurs. It is the pilot’s job to get the aircraft back under control before it is too late. Business’s also have 4 main forces that determine the company’s outcome, demand, expense, product, and competition. Just like in aviation when you are able to manage the balance of these forces it enables you to fly your business wherever you would like to go. When these forces become uncontrolled this is when in aviation or business, you lose control and unless you restore control you may be in for a disastrous outcome. This week we will explore specific indicators of these forces and look for opportunities to improve performance for each of the 6 companies participating in the Accelerated HVAC Success program. Once these areas have been identified we will look for the greatest opportunities for restoring balance. As business becomes more and more complex, we have more and more specialist available to help you succeed. The problem with specialization is we do not live in a world where one single quick fix can solve these complex problems. An aircraft and a business is a system and it is all about maintaining balance in order to accomplish your goals. The HVAC business cycle is a representation of this balance that must be maintained.