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Episode 4 – HVAC Call Conversion

Jennifer Bagley May 27, 2021
Welcome back to the HVAC Accelerated success program, my name is Ben Middleton and I am the National Sales training manager for both the Goodman and Amana Brands. A wing on an aircraft creates lift by increasing the speed of the air over the top of the wing compared to the speed of the air below it. This is accomplished by creating a longer distance for the air to travel over the top vs. the bottom so in theory the more camber on the top the more lift this wing will have. Two other factors on lift are airspeed and angel of attack. One of the resources a pilot has to increase lift in a wing are flaps and slats. By extending these pieces of the wing a pilot changes the shape of the wing which allows the pilot to carry heavier weights at slower airspeeds. When we apply this theory to business think about high demand months as higher airspeed and low demand months as low airspeed and heavier weight. Your ability to convert calls is just like a pilots ability to raise and lower flaps and slats. When things are busy we may prioritize calls and thus have a lower conversion rate as business slows we may need to increase our call rate in order to generate more business changing the shape of our wing so to speak. This week we had an opportunity to secret shop our 6 companies. Let’s see how our companies perform when it comes to call conversion.