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Episode 5 – HVAC Diagnostic Ability

Jennifer Bagley May 27, 2021
The powerplant of an aircraft is one of the most critical components and is checked and maintained on a regular basis. Many of the instruments on the instrument panel indicate the engines performance and operation, before each flight the pilot does several visual and performance checks before take off and the aircraft engine is reviewed for maintenance after every 100 to 125 hours’ worth of service. The powerplant provides thrust just like your technicians provide the product for your business. The indicators in business come in many forms, warranty and callbacks, google reviews, and the overall longevity of an installation or repair. The ability of your team to identify the problems that your customers is experiencing and to expertly provide solutions to these problems directly impacts the overall product offering that you have available. We have reviewed the warranty and call back logs for each of our 6 companies, followed up with customers and provided assessments for each of our 6 companies let’s see how the powerplant of these companies are performing today and what areas we have for improvement.