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Episode 6 – HVAC Sales Strategy

Jennifer Bagley May 27, 2021
In the movie “The Aviator,” Howard Hughes is obsessed with the ability to reduce drag on his aircrafts. Why? Because the less drag the faster the aircraft, and the less fuel the aircraft consumes. In modern aviation every consideration is made to reduce drag thus increasing the efficiency of the overall aircraft. Think about closing percentage and dollar average in a business as a measurement of efficiency or the ability to reduce drag or competition. The more effective your sales team and processes are the higher closing percentages dollar averages will be, the faster you will fly and the less fuel you will burn all while achieving better results. In this session we will observe each of the 6 companies sales process, we will also look at an entire months’ worth of sales data in order to identify opportunities for improvement. Improvement in closing% and dollar average is one of the fastest ways for a company to improve their overall cash position. We will also begin to monitor cash spread on a consistent basis through the rest of the program to see how each of the companies’ progress.