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Episode 7 – HVAC Financing Strategy

Jennifer Bagley May 27, 2021
When designing aircraft the biggest limiting factor in speed is drag. As the aircraft speed increases so does the amount of drag but at a multiplicative effect. If the speed were to double the drag would be 4 times what it was before. This is the biggest limiter when it comes to aircraft speed. In the HVAC business the biggest limiter is not the competition of other HVAC companies in your area but the competition for available dollars. By making sure you offer financing every time, offering a low payment option and a no payment option on every proposal reduces your drag increasing the ability for your company to fly faster than ever before. In this session we will examine how each company is using financing. We will interview CSRs, Technicians, and Salespeople to find out how they use financing and what things may be preventing them from using financing today. When used correctly financing is one of the most effective ways to reduce drag in your company increasing both closing percentage and dollar average having the same multiplicative effect on your company’s performance.