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Episode 9 – HVAC Branding

Jennifer Bagley May 27, 2021
There are many types of aircraft each designed with specific tasks in mind. Some designed for recreation, some for freight, transportation, and commuting and some designed for war. What is your business designed for? Each business is unique and the better you can define the purpose of your business the better you can configure your business for success. How high do you want your business to soar? How fast do you want your business to fly? Is your business carrying a heavy load or is it light and agile? How much drag does your business need to overcome? In this session we will begin to uncover the goals of each business and craft a unique mission and vision statement for each company. We will introduce those key differentiators that sets each of these business’s apart from their competition we will also identify the bare minimum expectations that must be met in every single marketplace in order to be considered an option.