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Episode 3 – HVAC Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Lead Generation

Jennifer Bagley May 27, 2021

Welcome back to the HVAC Accelerated Success Program, my name is Ben Middleton National Sales Training Manager for both Goodman and Amana brands. When we talk about the forces acting on an aircraft one of the things that must be considered is vectors. When an aircraft or business is flying level the forces act as 2 independent conflicts. As the attitude of the aircraft changes the forces begin to act in different ways. For an example as an aircraft take off and climbs a portion of the thrust is attributed to lift and the steeper the angle the more thrust equates to lift. Also as the attitude changes the more drag is added to weight. So in business as you are in growth mode increasing your revenue you must look at how products and solutions (Thrust) balance with competition or better represented companies with similar solutions and your companies capability to provide this product (Drag) and demand (lift) vs. Weight (expense). This week we will look at how customers find you and reach out, in this new normal one of the primary ways customers interact with business’s is through some sort of electronic interaction. How do our 6 companies stack up when our digital experts analyze the digital presence of these companies.